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Below is a list of items you can get free for a limited time because you watched and participated in the

Refuze to Live Average Virtual Summit. Offer expires August 31, 2015.

Complimentary Call #1


FREE introductory call. During this 20 minute call we will discuss where your happiness and well-being levels currently stand. I will give you a quick understanding of what Positive Psychology Coaching is about and how it can help you improve your life satisfaction and help you live the life you desire.

Happiness Profile


FREE Happiness Profile Assessment. I will email you a link to take several short assessments online. Once you complete the assessments you will fill in your results on the worksheet I provide for you. Then you will email me your results. I will analyze them and we will set an appointment for a FREE call reviewing your results.

Complimentary Call #2


FREE call reviewing your results of the happiness and well-being assessments. During this call I will discuss with you your results, where your strengths are as well as your weaknesses, and help you develop a game plan as to how to increase your happiness and well-being. This call will take 30 minutes of your time, but can change the rest of your life!


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