What exactly is energy? How many forms of energy are there? What does coaching have to do with energy?

Energy – There are many definitions of energy, but here I will define it as an exertion of force or a healthy capacity for vigorous activity (Merriam-Webster).

How many forms? Technically there are just two types of energy; potential and kinetic. Although some people may break it down to atomic energy, electrical energy, heat energy, food energy, etc. I am going to talk about potential and kinetic energy and how this can help you with achieving your goals; whether they be wellness related or not.

Potential Energy is the storage of energy. It is like energy waiting to happen.

Kinetic Energy is energy of motion. Any object or person that is moving has kinetic energy.

Energy and Coaching: (see Putting It All Together)


What exactly is motivation? How many types of motivation are there? What does coaching have to do with motivation?

Motivation – A driving force or stimulus (Merriam-Webster).

How many types? There are two types of motivation; intrinsic and extrinsic.

Intrinsic Motivation is basically self-motivation or motivation from within you. A person that is intrinsically motivated does things for the joy of accomplishing the task at hand and to feel good inside.

Extrinsic Motivation is motivation for “outside” purposes (i.e., winning a trophy, buying a new outfit for losing 15 pounds, public accolades, etc.).

Motivation and Coaching: (see Putting It All Together)


What exactly is success? How many types of success are there? What does coaching have to do with success?

Success – Accomplishing a favorable or desired outcome (Merriam-Webster).

How many types? There is really only one type of success, but there are many different meanings of success, depending on who you are speaking with. Recently I did a little survey of some family, friends, and clients on what “Success” meant to them. The overwhelming response was related to achieving a favorable response or outcome; more specifically…happiness and accomplishing their goals. Everyone also has different standards to what happiness is to them; one person may not think they are successful, and consequently won’t be happy, unless their business is extremely profitable and they are financially wealthy. Another person may describe success as having a family that gets along well and everyone is healthy.

Success and Coaching: (see Putting It All Together)

Putting It All Together

Many people have goals they want to accomplish, dreams they wish to realize, and/or changes they want to make but they just don’t have the energy or motivation to do it. In Coaching you become energized because the coach keeps you accountable and focused on your task at hand. You will start by taking “baby steps” and having small successes; these small successes energize and motivate you to keep going and to have bigger successes. Eventually, before you know it, you have accomplished your goal and this energizes you even more and the cycle continues; energy creates motivation which leads to success which re-energizes you, etc.

Discussion: Do you have goals, dreams, and/or changes in life you want to make but you aren’t energized and motivated? Has there been a time when someone energized or motivated you to be successful? I would love to hear some examples of how this has worked for you or I would like to hear from you if you need to be energized on a specific task.

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