Anticipation brings us Pleasure…(and pain)

Why is it that people look forward to Friday so much? Literally, every Friday morning I see people posting on FaceBook, “TGIF!”. Yet they still have to put in an 8-hour (or more) workday before they are off for the weekend. Do they really like working on Friday so much??? NO!

The reason being is because they are anticipating the weekend. Friday night, many people go out for happy hour or do something with the family, or maybe even just relax and not worry about getting up early the next day.

In a recent study, it was found that Saturday was everyone’s favorite day of the week (no surprise there). But the interesting thing was that Friday was the second favorite day of the week and Sunday was the third. Why do people enjoy a workday more so than a day where they are off?

ANTICIPATION! Anticipation can be bad or good. Sunday night brings the anticipation of the workweek and that is why most people don’t enjoy Sunday so much. Also, anticipation of something you are afraid of (spiders, heights, etc.); can bring about anxiety. On the good side, anticipation of good events brings about pleasure. Friday morning we look forward to being off the weekend. After we book a vacation we have that to look forward to, so the anticipation of the vacation brings us pleasure.

Happiness Tip: Try to have something to look forward to in every day. The anticipation of that event will bring pleasure into your life. The more pleasure you have, the happier you will be.

#anticipation #pleasure #happiness

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