International Day of Happiness 2015

March 20th is the official day that winter turns to spring. With that joyous occasion comes the International Day of Happiness!!! I have two things to share with you here. First is a list of 10 items, in no particular order, that you can do on a daily basis to increase your happiness as well as others. Second, I have a short video I made a few years ago on the topic of happiness. If you like that video, feel free to visit my YouTube page at

10 Things You Can Do To Increase Happiness

#1: Give as many smiles away as possible! It's easy to give and it doesn't cost you anything!

#2: Hold the door for a stranger. Do this as many times as you can.

#3: Spread joy by posting something funny on your timeline.

#4: Give someone a helping hand.

#5: Exercise! This one is for you. Or...exercise with a friend and double your fun!

#6: Savor! Take time to focus on where you are, whom you are with, what you are doing, etc. Live in the moment.

#7: Tell someone that you are grateful for them & then tell them why.

#8: Learn! If we want to receive more pleasure from the things we enjoy, than we should learn more about them. To enjoy wine more, learn more about the process of making wine. To enjoy music more, learn more about your favorite artist.

#9: Have Fun! Do something that you really enjoy!!!

#10: Give away as many HUGS as you can. Hugging raises your oxytocin level, which is a "feel good" hormone. Not only will it raise your happiness, but it will raise the happiness of the person you hug too.

Video on Increasing Happiness

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