Ordinary to Extraordinary

Former NFL coach Jimmie Johnson once said, "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra." And if you have seen any of my Monday Morning Motivator videos you would know that in my terms that little extra is that 1 degree extra effort. It's as simple as that. One degree of extra effort can make all of the difference in the world to you and your success in life.

1 degree extra effort with regard to your physical health: Do you do what it takes to achieve your physical health goals?

1 degree extra effort with regard to your mental health: Do you have some kind of relaxation plan to keep yourself from getting too stressed out?

1 degree extra effort with regard to your relationships: Are you taking that extra step to make that someone special in your life feel special?

1 degree extra effort with regard to your dreams: Are you putting forth all that is necessary to assure yourself of achieving your goals and dreams?

If the answer to the above questions is no, then I ask why? Do you really want to achieve these results? Are you focusing on achieving the results you want? Remember, you attract to your life that which you spend your energy, focus and attention on...whether positive or negative. If a farmer plants seeds for his crops yet never takes the time to water them and tend to them, his crops won't grow. The same holds true for your dreams. If you merely say I want to accomplish "X", and then you do nothing to harvest your dreams you won't accomplish them.

As far as becoming extraordinary goes, here is a good metaphor. Let's take the same farming situation. Farmer #1 says he wants to plant some crops this year but does nothing except talk about planting them. Farmer #2 plants his crops and waters them regularly but does nothing extra. Farmer #3 cultivates the ground first, then plants his crops, and then continues to not only water them but also fertilize and nurture them. Which farmer is going to have the best crops? Which farmer do you want to be? Do you want to be ordinary or extraordinary?

If you want to be extraordinary, give yourself the opportunity to put forth that 1 degree extra effort and give me a call. Your results will amaze you.

Steve Uhlenbrock, M.Ed., M.A. is the owner of Feel Great Coaching and is available for motivational speaking, corporate presentations, and individual coaching. For more information, email me at Steve@FeelGreatCoaching.com, visit http://www.FeelGreatCoaching.com or call me at 610-873-7767.

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