A New Era in Positive Psychology

I would like to talk about taking Positive Psychology to the next level. When Martin Seligman introduced his Well-Being Theory in 2011 he added to pillars to Positive Psychology; Positive Relationships and Achievement. He also defined positive psychology as “the scientific study of optimal human functioning”. I feel that the 5 Pillars of Positive Psychology is missing one huge component. This component is Positive Health and it falls right in line with the previously mentioned definition of positive psychology.

We know that just because one is not physically ill that it doesn’t mean they are physically well; that is why I like the term Positive Health. This would include someone who takes care of themselves by not smoking, not drinking alcohol to excess, getting the proper sleep, eating properly, exercising properly and getting regular health check-ups.

When I mention Positive Health as a pathway I am not just talking about the physical aspect, nor am I talking about the short-term feelings of euphoria one gets when they exercise. I can 100% honestly say that being in the wellness industry, that their are definitely people who work on improving their health for it’s own sake. If your body feels “well”, it leads to your mind feeling “well”. It also leads to being able to do more activities on a regular basis, it leads to a better physical life when you retire, it leads to much less physical and mental illness. If the ultimate goal is to live a flourishing life and creating a life of well-being, than shouldn’t one’s physical health be an important aspect?

I have created a video that I would like to share with you that describes in my terms, the new era Positive Psychology…the Whole-Being Theory. I call it the Whole-Being Theory because it now takes into account the mind and the body. I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic and the video.


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