You Control Your Journey

“Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination!” — Ralph Waldo Emerson. We have all probably heard this before. But what does it mean? More importantly, what does it mean to you?

My interpretation is that it means to enjoy every day to the fullest and not to stress or be anxious about tomorrow…or the next day…or the future. It is senseless to spend time and energy to worry about the future. In fact, this reminds me of another phrase – "The Past Is History, The Future Is A Mystery, Today Is The Day That Counts." We need to focus our energy and attention on what is happening today. It is okay to plan for the future, but to stress over it is not good for you. As I have said before, we have two ways that we can look at situations; we can look at the good or we can look at the bad…we can make the best of the situation or we can make the worst of the situation. Which perspective do you think would feel better?

Enjoy today! Don’t look at the destination and don’t focus your energy on the destination, focus it on the path to the destination and enjoy it. A good example of this is the following. When you plan a vacation (say to Disney World) you say something like this to your family, "Okay we are going to leave from home to go to the airport at 8:00 a.m. Our flight takes off at 10:30 a.m. and we will arrive in Orlando, FL at 10:45 a.m. We will then take a bus to Disney and arrive there at 11:30 a.m. We will stay at Disney until Saturday. Our flight leaves at 4:30 p.m. and we will arrive at our airport at 6:30 p.m. By the time we get off of the plane and home it will be 8:00 p.m." Now my question to you is, "If you are leaving from home and your ultimate destination on this plan is to return to home, why go on the trip? Just stay home! It’s where you will end up anyway." But that’s not the way we do it. The purpose of the vacation is to enjoy every step of the journey. Am I right? Well in that case, why not do your best to enjoy every step of life’s journey?

We are here on this Earth in these physical bodies for "X" amount of days. We don’t know when our time is up. It could be today, tomorrow, or 50 years from now. Wouldn’t life be better if we focused our attention on enjoying every step of life’s journey? I know sometimes "life" throws us a "curve ball" and something negative happens (i.e., illness, accident, etc.). After the initial emotion of sadness or anger or disappointment, etc. wears off you have the choice of saying, "I am going to let this illness get the best of me or I am going to do whatever I can to become a healthy person again. I am going to focus on the positive things in my life, the things that make me feel better and happier." You have the energy to do this! It is inside of you. You control your attitude. You control your happiness. You control your journey!

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