Using Triggers to Improve Your Mood

What is a trigger? A trigger is a stimulus that causes a response, whether it be positive or negative. Why am I writing about triggers today? Because of the questions I have received from some of my clients and friends recently.

The question I am getting mostly is, "How can I change my thought process if something is going wrong for me?" The answer is all based on triggers. It took a negative trigger to put you in this bad mood (i.e., the dog messed on the carpet). If you are like most people this trigger is going to get you very upset. The next thing you know is after you clean up the mess you go to have a drink of coffee and you spill coffee on your new shirt. This is another negative trigger that worsens your mood. So how can you turn things around quickly?

The answer is you need a positive trigger. It could be talking to someone who makes you feel happy. It could be listening to your favorite song. But what I am going to suggest is to have on stand by a positive trigger that you can use whenever needed. I am going to ask you to use one of your five senses, the sense of smell. What I suggest is that you find some kind of aroma that triggers positive thoughts for you; maybe this is something you buy at an aromatherapy store. Whenever something positive happens I want you to take a good whiff of this aroma so that it triggers good thoughts. After a short time period of doing this you will be able to use this aroma to help change your mood. Whenever something is going wrong and your vibes are negative, take out your bottle of aroma and take a good whiff. This will trigger positive thoughts / feelings / vibes for you. This will trigger you into turning your mood around.

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