Below are several testimonials I have received over the years from real clients! Please take a moment to read through them to make yourself more comfortable with the potential coaching relationship.

"I want to thank Steve, my life coach, for helping me learn about the law of attraction and how important it is to be positive and grateful. I didn't realize I was attracting negativity with my thoughts and attitude. He has given me the tools I need to move forward after feeling stuck for almost three years. I have choices and I choose to be happy. I've made some new friends, tried a few new things, and found a hobby that I am really excited about."
~ D. Perreca, Graphic Designer

“My life was a mess, and I was totally overwhelmed. I had tried everything over the years, every self-help fad that came along. Nothing was quieting the inner voice telling me what a horrible person I was. It was an easy step to try a life coach. What did I have to lose? With Steve I found I had everything to gain. In three months my life has completely turned around. It’s still not perfect, but there are areas of improvement everywhere. The best part is that I have been able to quiet that awful inner voice and adopt a positive attitude that is sticking with me. Through Steve’s guidance and incredible positive energy, I have learned to charge through the bad days and change them into great days. I would wholeheartedly recommend Steve to anyone who would like to put the power of a positive attitude into their lives.

~ Ann Calligan, Businesswoman

Under Steve’s guidance my situation markedly improved and his coaching reminded me to choose the positive in all daily affairs – ‘I Feel Great!’ stated with enthusiasm, generates an attitude of renewal, possibility and higher energy.  Steve showed me how important it is to maintain this attitude because our thoughts bring us reality in direct proportion; positive or negative. Steve demonstrates in his own life the understanding of the power of this mindset, and he teaches by example how all of us can benefit from recognizing and following a positive attitude.

~ Tony Webb, Architect

“Steve has presented on a few occasions within our company. His audience was primarily experienced registered nurses that provide clinical educational programs for individuals with chronic disease. He was able to clearly articulate the goals and content at a level commensurate with the experience and knowledge of the clinicians. I have known Steve for several years and am confident that his style is such that he adapts well and recognizes the importance of understanding one’s audience. He has a high degree of professionalism and can adapt his content to meet the needs of any audience.”

~ Betsy Piazza, Senior Regional Director of Operations

Creative, resourceful, determined and incredibly supportive. Steve is an awesome coach!
~ Nicholas Head, Professional Change Agent

"Prior to taking Steve's seminar I was feeling like I was stuck.  Though I have had a good share of personal and professional success, I was contemplating selling my business, but seemed unable to figure out the next step.  The stress and drudgery of managing things was taking a toll on my health and my attitude.  After the seminar, I began to see new possibilites.  I opted to take advantage of the free 30 minute individual session, and I could see immediately that Steve could be integral in helping me find some direction.  Since participating in Steve's coaching sessions, I have been able to not only re-ignite my enthusiasm for developing my company to its maximum potential, but I have also attracted enthusiasm in my co-workers, as well as, exciting new projects and opportunties for the organization. I can't wait to see what happens next!"
~ Rita C: Business Owner

"Life throws me a lot of curve balls, and even though I try to dodge them I'm not too coordinated so I get pegged in the @$$ a lot! I must admit that I began to feel very negative about this and wished to make changes to aspects of my life where opportunities for change appeared limited. On a whim I decided to see if I could learn to manifest better opportunities for myself under the guidance of Steve from Feel Great Coaching...what could it hurt right? Can you believe that within three sessions into learning some key points to the Law of Attraction from Steve, I have attained new opportunities that are kick starting a new and healthier stage of my life? Now I am eager to see what new things will continue to fall into my grateful hands! Thank you Steve."
~ Robin Davidson, Certified Medical Massage Therapist & Spiritual Healer

"Working with Steve has been really eye opening for me! I have always looked at myself as an optimist, but his teaching takes it much deeper; to literally the words I say to myself and the thoughts that run through my head. Thanks Steve! I have many wonderful things coming my way and I know its only the beginning!"
~ Kim Kirmmse Toth, Entrepreneur


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